Time To Fly: 2020

2020. That seems so surreal. In my mind, it's like a year far into the future. Yet ready or not, we're here.

At the acupuncturist this week, during the initial check in, he asks me what I was holding on to. I immediately thought, 'the decade'

I've been kind of hung up on the passage of time for awhile now. Reflective, introspective, nostalgic. Observing the massive amount of change that is taking place. Always asking the question, 'am I where I want to be?'

Those bigger questions are rarely answered through thought alone. They are held someplace much wiser than the logical mind. The answers may take time to surface. They may require circumstance to unfold. You may be asked to follow nudges and act on blind faith. 

The answers may not come until you let go of the old ways of doing things. 

Of course, we'd prefer to have some answers, insight or guidance first so we know which way to focus our attention. And yet, it happens all too often, we are asked to make a move, trust in a process, let go or shift before we are privy to the change that lies ahead.

Darn it, though. It's hard that way.

Unknowns. They're dark, unseen. Feels like unfamiliar territory. With stuff riding on the line. You ask for guidance, and you're met with, 'be patient, trust, act, listen, let go, be the change...' 

Wah, wah, wah.

The kicker is, in these unfamiliar times, when there is major life sh*t on the line. And you would genuinely like some guidance and direction. And your World comes back to you with all of those totally unclear markers, leaving the situation even more clustered... guess what takes the hit?


We are at the end of a decade. Change is imminent. From the large scale, planetary and global changes, down to the most intimate, internal and personal. All the way through to the unseen yet palpable energetic shifts that are taking place all around and within each of us.

Hit the pause button- without guilt. Have that inner conversation that's been commanding your attention. Rewind and reflect on these years that have gone by. Be gentle as you review the should'a, coulda's, the high fives, the nods of appreciation. The losses, the people and pets that are no longer in your sphere. Your dreams that may or may not have materialized. The personal growth. The perseverance. The resistance. The places in your body that remind you of being alive. 

It all deserves attention and reflection. 

At StillPoint MFR, we do this in one of the most direct ways- through the body, by way of the Fascial System. Reaching into areas of the body that leave you feeling heavy, stressed, tense, or uneasy is a powerful way to deeply listen to your higher guidance. It puts you on track to hear some of the answers you may be seeking. It can be the recharge you need as we close out one mighty decade and head into 2020.


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REO Speedwagon, Time For Me To Fly. I found myself singing this a lot over the past few days. (Kinda cheesy, I know, don't judge. I don't have that much control over the internal playlist.) So I played it, gave it a thorough listen, and sang it, loud! I feel like it's to 2019, and this whole decade. It's a breakup song, a moving on song. Time to fly. The calendar, the happenings, the vibe (and the astrology, if you're into that) all point major transition underway. Peace out 2010's, you've been a memorable decade and a strong teacher. 

'I do believe that I've had enough. I've had enough of the falseness of a worn out relation. Enough of the jealousy and the intoleration. Oh, I made you laugh and you made me cry. I believe it's time for me to fly.'

Ringing in 2020, this could be a wild ride!
Hope to see you in the Yurt,

Renie Allen

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