Torn, detached, and a new perspective

Have you ever had needles stuck in your eye?

Me neither, until a month or so ago.

Sadly, there is no heroic or adventurous reason why this had to happen. They say I’m at the right age. Sigh.

The short version of this story is I woke up one late-June, Sunday morning and my vision was super wonky. I was seeing a combination of a very unusual light show and countless black specs. It was as though I was looking through a three-dimensional pattern of black pepper. There was no pain, just significant visual disturbance.

And since I rarely run to the doctor, I self-assessed as I waited a couple of days till my good friend (who was in from out of town) pretty much insisted that I go. Although Google led me to believe this was kiiiiind of an emergent situation, I was in a bit of denial.

After the standard dilation, images, and scans, the eye doctor winds up the verdict as he mm-hmm’s and ah-ha’s at the state of my retina.

Me: So is it a tear or detachment?
Eye Doc: Yes.

And off to the specialist we go.
And with it goes the entire month of July.

It’s really cliche to talk about perception as it relates to an eye injury. But when visual perception is truly altered, wheeew, it’s as if the brain is rewiring.

The body-geek part of me has found it absolutely fascinating!

The other side, which is often active and on the move, had to humbly recognize my place on the down-low… for over a month. Time OUT.

And things continue to be different. It’s as if our current and perpetual state of shake-it-TF-up is comprised of one tiny lull between major hurdles to cross. Then we rinse and repeat.

What was once a stable foundation may now find itself on wobbly footing. One little blow and that seemingly sturdy structure may go.

That is part of these insanely wild times. In our own lives or simply in the world around us, there are countless examples of collapse. If it doesn’t have staying power, you might as well get ready to kiss it goodbye.

The resistance and/or need to assimilate all of this change is felt in the body. Even to the point of literal detachment.

And yes, I may be at the age, but the insight and body wisdom that comes with a diagnosis of detachment as it relates to vision, perception, and straight up how I see and look at the world is ripe with exploration.

What are you being asked to detach from?
What structures are changing right under your feet?
Are you able to connect the dots between what is happening on a personal level to what is happening on the global stage?
Are you weary about how to continuously adapt to all of the change?
How is your body?

Keep your fascia healthy, open, and free. It will support you as we continue to navigate these intense times of reorganization.

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Many of our systems and structures are being taxed and altered beyond recognition. Taking the utmost care of your body helps you and those around you. The ripple effect of these times is real.

With kindness and a new perspective,