StillPoint MFR paving stones

Trusting the Process… a humbling experience in practicing what I preach

According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a PROCESS is a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result.

Healing is a process.  Growth is too.  Learning; evolving; life…. all a process.

It is not at all uncommon to talk with clients about ‘trusting the process’.  Often, it is in the context of healing.  The healing process is not linear, it doesn’t always make sense, it is rarely figure-out-able. It doesn’t always feel good.  And it may not be fun. It may not look anything like you thought it would. It can rattle your cage to the core; as true and authentic healing can be the one of the most liberating human experiences to be had.

And as I see most of life through a bit of a ‘fascial lens’, it goes without saying, it is all connected. Of course.

There is no healing without growth. No growth without learning. No true living without evolving. It all feeds on itself. And if we allow, it spreads and trickles into different aspects of our lives, without interruption or compartmentalization.

If we allow.
Let go of the outcome.
Trust the process.
Feel it.

Yea, yea, yea! Those words. Those words I say daily. To others; to encourage; to tap into what is possible.

Damn, though!!  Ain’t it a bitch when those words come through me and TO ME! The process of putting up this yurt and taking StillPoint MFR through its next iteration has left me digesting an enormous bite of my own daily offerings. Taking me far out of my comfort zone. To ride the edge of what I believe about myself to be true. To feel the winds of change blow through every cell of my being. Bringing me to the consensus, yet again, that the Universe has one hell of  a sense of humor. That oh-so-loving, sarcastic, bite in the butt kind of humor, that hammers the point home, loud and clear! That is the kind of relationship I have with the Powers That Be… And somehow, I like it, we understand each other that way. A little snarky, in your face, raw, real, ‘I-got-your-back-just-do-your-job’, back and forth banter.

So, I am doing my job. Daily.

Getting my @$$ handed to me along the way. Many a bump in the road. Many a night of facing huge self doubt. Many a day of wanting to throw in the towel….. but not really!

This process of creation, that will one day be the new yurt-home of StillPoint Myofascial Release has taken me into unchartered territory of trusting the process.

This dream-turning-reality has left me humbled by the intricacies of this so-called Process. Such a delicate, beautiful web of support that is strategically aligned just-so. All of the ‘work’ that is done ‘behind the scenes’ to deliver a dream. The ‘messages’ that are sent. The signs are made clear. The music that I ‘hear’. The doors that open (although sometimes with a freakin’ crowbar and a can of WD-40). The people that show up. The circumstances that unfold. Lately, I have been on the edge of my seat, watching my own life show itself to me. Interesting phenomenon.

Contractors that just drop away.
Contractors that ‘show up’ in Trader Joe’s parking lot.
Prices that are shockingly high.
Self adjusting mindset to meet prices that are shockingly high.
Curve balls from the Town Inspector, that turn into home runs.
Near show-stopping news from the insurance company.
Individual exceptions made by the insurance company; keeping the dream alive.
Updating and upgrading; from websites to heating systems.
Learning and RE-learning about septic systems and electric systems.
Implementing new business systems.
Updating legal systems.
Asking for help. And receiving it!

So. Much. Change.
So Much Trust.

I have heard, success or failure is a Choice. Almost daily, I find myself having to consciously choose Success.

Like healing, this process of growth and expansion I am in, has been messy. It is HARD! It pushes my limits… and my budget (which in turn, questions my beliefs and pushes my limits!) It’s been disruptive and time consuming. And I am going on blind faith- and loads of trust- that it will all be worth it! In the midst of being knee deep in chaos and change– EVEN WHEN it is for the greater good– how do you keep on keeping on when it gets so tough? There isn’t a simple answer to that question. It is a feeling, a deep internal knowing, that keeps me on track. A visceral sensation that helps to navigate this often windy road. A force that is greater than me.

I do believe, we are meant to succeed. When was the last time you followed your gut, your heart, that internal voice that only you hear? Those places deep within us, want us to succeed. Quiet yourself and listen to them. Connect with yourself. You won’t steer you wrong. The process may not look anything like you had expected (or even hoped), but when you begin to trust and follow, extraordinary things happen. You start creating the life you are meant to live.

I am curious… when was the last time you honored or ignored ‘The Process’?