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Tug O’ War or Beautiful Dance

TENSION. You know the feeling. The strain that pulls on you from the inside. The feeling that somewhere in your body you are weighted down and the tug and pull is felt into far reaching places. You are stretched thin. There is a heavy drag on the system. 
Or external tension. A challenging discussion. The space between you and another is filled with heat or angst. Hard words and emotions are exchanged. Your heart races and temperatures rise. It's palpable. You can almost see it. (Or you can simply look to the greater picture- tensions are high, period.)
COMPRESSION. You are being squeezed. Tight. Not enough time, too much to do. Everybody around you needs something.  The demands are high and the resources, few. And when you look up from the crushing busyness, your spirit aches for a different world. The squeeze feels like pounds of excess pressure that translates throughout your movements and activities. Muscles have turned into steel cables and your body is internally shrink-wrapped.
Both tension and compression are relatable to the physical body and to the situations life can offer. More times than not, the physical body plays off the life situations and vice versa. Like a life size game of tug o' war. Where the internal environment (the body-mind complex) is in constant adjustment to your external (situational/circumstantial) world. Push, pull. And back around again.
The interconnected feedback loop between the body and our life situations is visible. But what if the tug o' war could be a beautiful dance, instead?
One of the greatest choices we have is how we choose to live in our own skin. And by that I mean, how you choose to listen to the messages your body delivers. The messages of sensation, resistance and the inner communication that is the liaison between your internal and external environments.
The more you can listen to, feel and interpret the messages, the sweeter the dance. Not because it's easy, but because you are in the flow.
When your inner and outer world is not in sync, adjustments need to be made. As your Being seeks harmony, the demands during attunement may feel kind of harsh. You may be asked to make uncomfortable changes in order to move into higher equilibrium. 
Your choice. Your dance. 
Group Therapy classes at StillPoint MFR is a dance of sorts. It's a chance to leave your external situation behind for a bit of time and focus on your inner world. The world really only you are familiar with. Where the scenery of the internal landscape is for a party of one- YOU!
We do this in a small group setting, where we have the chance to feel the tension ease and decompress. And even in the group, the experience is highly individualized. 
Starting Wednesday, October 2, Group Therapy weekly classes are back!
Each Wednesday from 5:30-6:45 pm. $18
The next First Saturday of the Month class is Saturday, October 5. 10-11:30 am. $20
(this class currently has PLENTY of openings, bring a friend or someone who you think would benefit :))
All mats and tools are provided. 
Registration is required and easy.
Click the link below or call/text 207-232-1737 and let me know you are coming.


The way you choose to dance your dance is seen and felt by those around you. Listen and tend to your inner world, be bold in your steps, make the uncomfortable changes. For the betterment of you and those who follow your footsteps. 

Hope to see you in the Yurt,

Renie Allen

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Wednesday Evenings

$18 / session

  • 5:30-6:45pm
First Saturday of the Month

$20 / session

  • 10am-11:30am

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