UPDATE: Massage Therapy Gets The Green Light

Hard conversations are hard. So can we all just agree to cue up Billy Joel before we get into this email?

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you

Every time I drafted this email in my mind, these powerhouse lyrics seemed to always drift in, encouraging a straight up approach. So here it goes...

In this mess of a time when simple decisions are difficult, options are heavily weighed and fact is somehow an opinion, I hope to convey as much of a clear reflection of where StillPoint MFR stands around re-opening.

The State of Maine has given the green light for Massage Therapy to resume on July 1, 2020.

In contrast, my inner green light is still very dim. Therefore, I will be starting out extremely slow, near or around mid July.

I have yet to 'figure things out'. In fact, the more I do, the farther I find myself from what it used to look like.

However, what I do see is an opportunity.

When I first dove into this wonderment that is Myofascial Release, I was so enamored by the emphasis that was placed on the ownership of the client; clarifying the roles of responsibility. As MFR therapists, we are taught 'don't lead and never force'. We were encouraged to 'test the waters' by the direction of our pressure and 'wait at the barrier' for a release. We learned, as the therapist, we didn't 'unwind a client', rather the client unwound and we were there to keep them safe and follow their lead.

Basically, as the therapist, we follow the principles of MFR, provide the safe space and facilitation, and it is the client that is responsible for the exploration, feeling, letting go and healing. 

And so here we are, being presented with such an opportunity that highlights the MFR basics. Another iteration of our role as therapist and client.

Because of the COVID constraints, safe-practice protocol changes daily operations. In those changes, lives the opportunity.

We have a chance for a more cohesive therapeutic agreement.

Consider the logistics- the schedule is limited. Which leads to a decrease in frequency and availability of appointments. Therefore, when you do get on the table, efficiency is paramount. Which is kind of an oxymoron in regards to the healing process. BUT, not all release is confined to receiving hands-on or being on the tableNor should it be.

Empowerment to confidently work through some of your own physical dysfunction effectively, is a big part of the way forward at StillPointMFR. To simply revert back to what was, except in a hazmat suit, feels more uncomfortable than taking these next steps.

The situation has demanded us to shift, and so I oblige. What do you say? You up for it, too?

The Yurt is set up with cameras and tripods. I'm learning (slowly) how to record and edit Myofascial self-treatment videos that have meaning. I'm adjusting to having to use words and commentary to guide, instead of my hands. Which is (and will be) a learning curve for both of us!

And that is where we're at. If you are up for a therapeutic partnership, self-accountability, and a willingness to engage with and care for your own fascial system with regularity, then there is a way forward to work together!

It has taken me a long time (how long have we been socially distant??) to get clear on this vision. I see the blend of responsibility as our only way forward. 

That said, I am still putting the pieces together. In the meantime, as the schedule is still offline and the Yurt is still closed, consider your willingness to regularly engage and work with your fascia. To use the foam roller and balls, to spend time stretching and releasing restrictions, to develop and deepen the rapport with your body from a Myofascial perspective. And notice how that could enhance your hands-on time on the table.

I will be following up with more concrete logistics in the near future. So all that is necessary now is just take this information in, let it simmer and see if it feels at all resonant.

Perhaps a virtual class would offer some insight into how receptive you may be to this partnership.
ZOOM classes are still available 3x/week.
Monday 3:30 pm
Wednesday 5:30 pm
***Sunday 8:30 am***
*** please note this time change beginning Sunday 6/28/20***

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Questions, requests and how-to's are always welcomed! I am definitely available to answer your questions, assess your technique or offer guidance for those acute and chronic ailments. 207-232-1737. Please call!

Wishing you well as we all navigate these ever changing times.