John Barnes and myself. Cape Cod, September 2019

Walking the talk

(caption for photo above: John Barnes and myself. Cape Cod, September 2019)

Timelines can be downright trippy. When you take a step back and notice the grander scale of paths chosen, people met, decisions made, setbacks, course corrections, serendipitous moments, etc., it can be so wild to trace back to the place you have landed.

If you pay attention to life or circumstance at all, it's hard to deny that there is some underlying current at play that moves us in and out of alignment with our purpose here on this Earth.

I hopped onto the exhilarating ride of MFR in January, 2004. Although, I apparently bought my ticket sometime before then.

I grew up 10 minutes from John Barnes Myofascial Release clinic in suburban Philadelphia. Drove past it, literally countless times. When I moved to Colorado after college and attended Massage Therapy school in Boulder, I visited Mark Barnes (John's son) MFR clinic several times- with zero awareness of John or myofascial release, at that point.

It wasn't until I moved to Maine and was doing traditional massage in a Day Spa that I came across a John Barnes Myofascial Release brochure that began to get my attention. I remember clearly thinking, 'PERFECT! I can can get some continuing education credits while I visit a good friend in Dallas'. Emphasis on the friend in Dallas part.

Looking back to this time in my life, it is quite clear that my intuition was basically non-existent. But when I walked into that seminar room on day 1 of MFR 1 the scathing gap between my awareness and my intuition was put on the chopping block. During one fantastical weekend comprised of serendipitous, course correcting, time aligning moments, I met a mentor and teacher that introduced me to a greater part of myself. A part that wasn't fragmented.

That weekend in 2004 was turning point. A hard, fast corner- turned. I didn't even know it at the time, but life would be forever different. And it wasn't up for negotiation.

This past week was like a review or culmination of all the years lived since that weekend in Dallas. I went 'home'. I flew to Philly to spend a 5 days walking my talk. To be a client. To receive.

At the John Barnes clinic they offer an intensive style treatment program called Therapy for the Therapist. (They do this for patients too, if you are ever interested!) Hours of treatment. Immersed in MFR. Over 16 therapeutically blissful hours of hands-on therapy in 5 days. OooooooMG!

It's too soon to articulate how, but life has changed. That week 'at home'- seeing my mom, sister, family and old friends. All while being rooted in MFR. Taking care of myself. Literally seeing and experiencing how far my life has moved towards being whole.

The fascial system is connective tissue. Right there in the name it validates its ability to strengthen (by way of releasing) internal connections which brings a sense of wholeness to the body-mind-spirit.

It's true, Myofascial Release can be about relieving sciatica or TMJ. It can ease your low back pain and correct postural misalignments. But when you aren't so distracted by pain and become literally more aligned as you walk through life, monumental shifts can happen. Opportunity knocks, doors open, insights happen, perspective changes.

Being aligned, feeling whole, having a balanced foundation... it all takes effort. It's true healing. Authentic, soul-level healing. I have been given a gift in studying directly under John Barnes for so many years. I strive to allow his teachings to come through me, in all aspects of what is offered at StillPoint Myofascial Release.

Humbly paying it forward.


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My buddy in the picture above is showing Maine some love by wearing the Love ME t-shirt I gave him. In seminars, John often takes us through mental clearing exercises. One line he uses is, "now say to yourself mentally, I Love Me." Every time I see this Love ME logo on a shirt, hat or bumper sticker, I hear those soft spoken words fill my being. And it makes me smile.

This past week in the MFR clinic was divinely timed. Doors opened, schedules cleared, the money was there, the opportunity was a gift. One I had to accept. The team of therapists in the John Barnes MFR clinic are of the highest caliber. Seamless continuity in the treatment. A high quality dose of healing that is still being processed, implemented and recognized.

On this Thanksgiving Week~ I am forever grateful.

Many blessings.
Hope to see you in the Yurt,

Renie Allen

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