Weeds and Fascia

As we just crossed the unofficial kickoff of summer, the collective mood feels a little less than celebratory. Current events are impossibly heavy and the fatigue from the prolonged bombardment of collective chaos is legit.

Even with that as the societal backdrop, individually you may be feeling fine. Great, even. On the upswing. In the flow. Or simply holding steady.

Up north, here in Maine, Memorial Day weekend grants the go-ahead to plant the garden without fear of frost. (Finally!) Planting the garden is an earthy, hands-dirty, wholesome, productive, and satisfying pursuit I am 100% down for!

Most of the time.

But although I've gotten the seasonal nod from the calendar to plant, my gardens are a MESS! And it is completely overwhelming. This year's weeds and overgrowth are a consequence of an eye injury I sustained last year.

(Stay with me... this will be relevant to you, and your fascial system, I promise!)

Last season, I was unable to keep up with the necessary upkeep to keep me out of the weeds.

This year's weedy mess is an accumulation of what fell to the wayside due to some chaotic situations last year.

Can you relate?

Is there any aspect of your world that has created a sense of overwhelm today, due to yesterday's inability to take action?

Can you pinpoint any inaction today that is inevitably creating tomorrow's weeds?

The body, by way of the fascial system, does this very thing.

It can harbor our unresolved traumas, it can hoard our emotional misgivings, and our wounds of yesterday can overwhelm our senses, today.

And when we let those issues fester from within, we can get inundated both physically and emotionally due to developing fascial restrictions.

Like the overgrowth of weeds in an unattended and neglected garden, fascial restrictions can take hold and take over causing pain and dysfunction.

When we strive to rid the body of these restrictions, we hold less angst and tension. We are more easily able to tune in rather than numb out. Our sense of awareness is heightened. And we can better deflect a state of dis-ease.

Our current world clearly illustrates what can happen when situations fester and perpetuate as a result of inaction. And it ain't pretty.

Since the collective is buried at the moment, taking care of yourself today, will help the collective load tomorrow.

It's an all-hands-on-deck situation here on Planet Earth. Simply taking the time to tend to your fascial health is an act of generosity to our overburdened society.

Pass the weed whacker, please. You may just discover something worth watering.