Welcoming 2019


Clear and reflective. Personal. Change in focus.

Crisp. Shadowy.

Closing on an interesting note. Moving between years. The light shifts the perception. As the eclipses highlight this. Marveling at the gorgeous winter moon.

I have yet to take some time to fully reflect on the closing of 2018. To really see how much has changed. Because last year at this time was so completely different. The contents of a filled-out day timer holds such a story! Assessing decisions that had been made. Watching ideas come to life as the pages of the calendar turn. And accepting defeat, both gracefully and not.

2018 had a bit of a turbulent feel. Like riding the rapids. I am always hopeful that a new year brings a new energy, theme and vibe. And I am rooting hard for 2019 to bring a clean slate. 2018 seemed to offer a lot of situations that required revisiting and wrapping up. Closings.

I’m asking for 2019 to arrive with a willingness and a playfulness to color in these empty spaces. (I’ll even supply the Sharpies).

Having just been off for 11 days over the holidays, I was afforded the time to settle into such a welcomed change of pace. Warm fires by the Christmas lights. Different to-do lists. Wearing comfies whenever possible. Lazy mornings. Laughs with friends.

A kind of forgotten sense of lightheartedness. Need some more of THAT (yes please and thank you, 2019!)

Now that my memory has been refreshed regarding lightheartedness and my body and mind knows how it feels, maybe 2019 can show me where to find it.

What’s on your wish list for 2019? Send it out into that new moon light. See what happens.
Come get clear on your intentions. Look to your body for guidance. Release your fascial restrictions to feel lighter. Welcome yourself into the New Year.

Engage your fascia with regularity. Find a deeper side of you in 2019.

Classes are held weekly in the Yurt. Join in the exploration. Click here for details.

May your New Year be illuminating and clarifying. Shedding light on to that which has been mystifying. Adding a little ambiance to the situation.

Hope to see you in the Yurt,