When It Hurts To Dream


Love shining down from the Heavens: Cousins Island, Maine

I have been listening to A LOT of Jim Croce Radio on Pandora. Even now, as I type. Something about the 70's soft rock is soothing to the frazzled ends of the nervous system. It just brings me right back. To a simpler time. A time of being a total tomboy, playing down by the creek with a stupid boy-haircut. Where I would talk to the frogs like they were my friends. And RenieLand was as real as reality.

My sister still makes fun of RenieLand. It was the oasis of my imagination. The story goes like this. Every night at midnight, I would press my belly button and go to RenieLand. It was the land of 1000 Renie's and I (of course) was the head Renie. There was always a birthday celebration and we always had cake. The end.


I wish I could remember first discovering RenieLand. And be able to revisit the way I experienced it as my younger self, remembering the reality of my naive imagination. Although it's had many iterations at this point, current day RenieLand has a cute little house and a yurt to hold my small family and small business. A different kind of blend of imagination and dream into reality.

As John Denver sings:

If I had a tale that I could tell you
I'd tell a tale sure to make you smile
If I had a wish that I could wish for you
I'd make a wish for sunshine for all the while

Soothe, soothe, soothe.

I guess my point is this, consider the endless possibilities that live in the imagination. I mean, Thank God that whole imagination mechanism was designed into our being in the first place. How rough life would be if we couldn't drift off into another time or place.

As John Lennon steps up to the mic for his take on imagination. (Sometimes I think Pandora can read my mind).

You may say I'm a dreamer,
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
Go ahead, take that last line)

Most days, I spend some time with my imagination. That is a gift of this time. Time to dream and mind-wander with no expectations or filters. That place where super expansive ideas share a common thread with imagination. Why not, right? Too much linear thought is down right depressing these days.

This all may sound like I'm a little Rocky Mountain High, but I assure you, I'm not. The part of me that isn't all RenieLand Dreamer is rigidly a realist. And as we all know, life is altered.

My dream job of MAGICAL TOUCH, is on the shelf. (That is still hard for me to accept without choking back a few tears). But I must believe that the intuitive magic that lives in my hands is somehow able to extend its reach with just as much healing goodness. That will require a different level of engagement from the recipient. But all things are possible.


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Connecting online is a far cry from getting on the table. I GET THAT. But engaging the fascia is possible. And honestly, that is the magic. Just engage.

I am working on a few ideas. They are all still a little too elusive to share, but they are brewing.

Zoom Fatigue is real. And there is a belief that self-treatment is hard/ not worth it/ not the same/ doesn't do it for you/ etc. etc.

I am here to answer questions, take requests, view your at-home techniques, take you through a guided sequence of techniques to perhaps dismantle some of these beliefs.

Imagine how better off your body will be if you consistently release your fascia on your own! When we get the green light to resume in-person treatment, you will be worlds ahead in this ever changing world. Commit to yourself.

I'm going to leave you with another snippet from my journal. I wrote this a few weeks back. When rigidity was winning over the dream.


When it hurts to dream
The voices inside scream, no
And the reality between now and dream
Seem impossible.

Dreams aren't logistical
But when it hurts to dream
The how-to's hijack the fairytale.

When it hurts to dream
My mind has already said, no.
But by then, it's not really dreaming.

When it hurts to dream
My insides crush possibility.

When it hurts to dream
My dreams just aren't big enough
I am trying to figure it out
Which isn't really dreaming at all.

When it hurts to dream
I am my own worst enemy
Playing it small
Not even really playing at all.

I KNOW how to dream
That unmistakeable feel
It's a light, breezy whisper you feel
'Till it's real.

I see it within
And outside it surrounds
It nudges and pulls
With a whispering sound.

Follow with trust
Keep doing your part
Lean into the whispers
That will open your heart.

Just like that,
My head space lightens
The crushing stops
And the squeeze un-tightens.

We can't cling to our dreams
They are too airy for that
Let them drift and float with you
That's where the magic is at.

Remember this,
When it hurts to dream.


Stay Connected. Stay Engaged. Stay Open.


PS- pass this on to anyone who may find it impossible to dream during these intense times.