When Life Re-Routes You

The bright golds and yellows this time of year, still shine through the already bare tree limbs. We know where this is headed. Ready or not!

I find I brace a little as the anticipatory anxiety starts to chatter. The sun fades early, the chill in the air. The need to ‘prepare’. It’s that underlying sense of approaching change that makes me hold my breath a bit. For me, this is LEARNED behavior.

For whatever reason, throughout my adult life, this time of year has thrown me some hefty curve balls. Major adjustments and life altering incidents seem to peak along with the leaves. The course corrections that I’ve made as the leaves fall and the pumpkins frost, reminds me there is something bigger than myself at play.

When Life picks you up and re-routes you, it can be so disorienting. The trajectory changes. The surroundings may be different. This can happen either internally or externally.

Internal shifts come by way of physical demands, health issues, injury or accident. Things that make us focus inward, on the body. The external shifts shake up our environment. Moves, loss, job or relationship change, financial adjustments. Circumstance that makes us do things differently.

(And when your internal and external environment gets rattled simultaneously, God Bless!!)

Either way, the course correction takes time. You’ve been re-routed. It is disorienting by design. That is part of the higher plan. Your world is asking you to see things differently- in more ways than one.

Engaging the Fascial System is a way in. In to the parts of yourself that hold some wisdom, some answers, some keys to open the door. In to sensation that can guide you through unfamiliar terrain. In to a higher vibration. In to a place of order when there is chaos that surrounds.

A familiarity of your Fascial System can be the brightest light you see in unfamiliar circumstance. It can offer a sense of self reliance, resiliency, and guidance. When you learn to quiet your mind to feel deeply into the sensations of restriction and openness, tension and fluidity, rigidity and willingness, you are a player in your own game. Commit.

At StillPoint MFR, we do this both on the table and on the mat. One-on-one and in a group setting. Both are valuable.

Group Therapy classes are underway. Join in a weekly Wednesday class or grab a spot in a once monthly Saturday class. Follow the link for all of the details! 

**The picture above was taken exactly 3 years ago. Moments before a fast moving dog collided into the side of my knee. Adjusting my trajectory, asking me to see things differently. I have since acquainted myself with the powerful, transitional energies that are present this time of year…. because holding my breath, just hoping to make it through unscathed isn’t how we are meant to live.**

Be a player in your own game.

Hope to see you in the Yurt!