When The Times Call For Isolation

Well. Here we are. Almost 4 weeks into quarantine. Likely, never to return to what was. Too much has already changed.

It's curious to look around at the different roles we each play in this global situation. For some, this time is demanding, chaotic and unfathomably intense. There is no rest for the weary if you are on the front lines. Whether it's in a hospital or a grocery store. The stakes are high. These folks are heroes.

For others, our duty is 'simple', stay home.

I can't deny there are some parts of this stay-at-home order that I absolutely resonate with. I'm a solid combination of introvert and homebody. Part of me has this totally under control. The slow pace, the room to breathe, the mandatory chill out, the space to reflect and process. All of which is fine and good, until my mental state gets hijacked.

Going from feeling centered to a steady wobble can happen pretty quick. I mean, life as we knew it, is done. And that reality is nearly impossible to fully digest. We have no idea who or what will remain after this storm blows out.

Trajectory, altered.

The world's just spinning
A little too fast
If things don't slow down soon
We might not last
Just for a moment
Let's be still
-The Head and the Heart

This song is (was) in regular rotation on playlists used in the MFR stretching classes. And, yep, it pretty much sums things up. (Look it up, it's worth a listen).

When I can step back, out of the worry and confusion, my own personal truth knows we (the big, collective WE) need to be here. We were like, flying off the freakin' rails. This reset, regardless of how uncomfortable and seemingly destructive, is essential.

The power of Mother Nature is so grand, it's breathtaking. Having the power to basically stop the world in its tracks, deserves some respect. (Hands up, bowing down, 'I am not worthy').

Since my young Catholic school days, the idea of a calling always intrigued me. The notion that some outside force would call to you and lead you toward a vocation or path, was always a WoW!

Myofascial Release called me.

And what a ride it has been; building a life and a career based on the principles of this profound bodywork. Humbled and blessed.

And now? Now, the uncertainty that accompanies a practice built on touching human beings; while in the face of a pandemic that simply asks us to keep our distance.

Well. In true Myofascial form, we wait. We wait at the barrier. We wait for the restrictions to soften. We wait for that gentle movement. We wait for the release to begin. Applying sustained pressure, into the system. Without forcing or leading. Allowing the wisdom of something greater to lead the way.

For it is in the waiting, that the magic and transformation can occur.

(And yes, thank you, Tom Petty, I do understand the waiting is the hardest part).

But if you quiet your mind and listen. Listen beyond what you hear. Listen beyond the fear and uncertainty. Hearing the old ways of being, die. It's hard. It's hard AND necessary. Because in the death (sadly, literally and figuratively), something new is taking shape.

Here at StillPointMFR, the when's and how's are simply irrelevant to even begin to answer. So we adjust.

For now it looks like this: You, at home, with a foam roller and a therapy ball or two. A computer screen and some time. Me, in the CyberYurt, with my own foam roller and balls and computer screen. We meet on Zoom. And we do our thing, together-apart.

There is a way, because engaging your fascia is STILL crucial.

Zoom sessions are held:
Monday 3:30 pm
Wednesday 5:30 pm
Sunday 10:30 am

~all sessions are 1 hr. and listed in east coast time~

Sign up is the same as it ever was. Click the link below.
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All classes are donation only. If you are financially insecure at this time, just come, consider it an offering, as a gift for something brighter on the other side. If you do have the means, anything is appreciated as StillPointMFR is finding its way during this time.
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Along those lines of supporting a small business during this shutdown, please feel free to share this email or a link to the classes to anyone who may be interested, near or far. ThankYouVeryMuch.

We are all in this together.

Hoping your little bubble is healthy and accepting of the change~