You Still With Me?

Dave Matthews is no stranger on my internal playlist. Well, he’s no stranger on my external playlists either. But lately, Dave is singing loud and clear! He poses big questions in a few simple lyrics. And those lyrical questions can get caught on repeat in my brain for days. But this song, yowza; the opening 4 words, which are also the title- weeks, I tell ya! Dave has been asking me for weeks now, where are you going?

Where are you going,
Where do you go,
Are you looking for answers,
To questions under the stars
I am no superman,
I have no answers for you,
I am no hero,
That’s for sure.
I do know
Where you go
Is where I want to be.

In the fluidity of song, it’s easy to be on all sides of the lyrics! The question asker, the main character being serenaded, or the singer coming from a place of I. And the beauty of interchangeable roles throughout the melody- that’s what makes music magical!

All of these simple song lyrics are on deck and alive for me right now; as I continue to try and right this course of 2020.

And in all of the wonder, curiosity and pure amazement of watching our world unfold before our eyes, the question of where are WE going is also top of mind.

We can get back to that. That bigger WE thing. We’ll visit that another day.

But, can we revisit those lyrics for a minute?

I am no superman,
I have no answers for you,
I am no hero,
That’s for sure.

When it comes to the decisions that have been made in regards to the future of StillPointMFR, I want make something clear… I have never felt the sentiment of these words so strongly in my role as a therapeutic bodyworker as I have in 2020.

The magic of MFR, the connection, the healing nature, the freedom from within, the shifting and clearing, the release. That’s a lot of extraordinary ordinary daily happenings inside that little yurt. It fueled me. Until it no longer could. Because, 2020.

I could go on and on about how I feel like I ditched, that I couldn’t meet the moment, that I failed for this reason or that. All of that blah, blah, blah BS that can hijack and derail any strong and sane person in the midst of a major transformation.

But let’s not.

I’d rather focus on where we’re going. And how much I hope you will continue to follow along, even through the change.

I have big ideas I’m playing around with! And I am wide-eyed and excited about where this could go! For so many of you reading this, we have known each other for a loooooooong time. (Humbled, really). I value our time spent, tears cried, sh!t healed, energy moved, life changed, personal growth and the witness and be witnessed relationships we have shared.

It’s in that, we’ve been through a lot together sentiment, that there is opportunity to take another next step, together. Details are formulating, but it’s still juuuuust a little too raw in the middle to pull from the oven and serve. But dang, it’s smelling good!

And even if we haven’t been through a lot together and you’re willing to roll the dice for a chance to co-create the next iteration of StillPointMFR, there is room for you on this ride as well.

I kind of see this like song lyrics. This teaching, learning, co-creating dream where we can all assume the roles interchangeably for our individual and collective benefit. This is my fuel now and I hope you are curious!

If you’ve been following along with these emails throughout this whacky time- you’ve got a sense. It basically comes down to this: Myofascial Release, self-care, videos with yours truly and a chance to commit to yourself. All with guidance and a deeper understanding of how to connect to your body’s wisdom.

The details and logistics are falling into place. More clarity coming soon. But the real beauty of all of this change is the chance to build something new, from the ground up. Literally WITH you, if you so choose!

Curious? Interested? You have no idea, but maybe? I’m taking a rough head count. If you’d like to come to this party, just hit reply to this email and let me know you are a definite maybe! Calling all co-creators, are you with me?

Here’s to seeing what incredible goodness we can create together!
Just hit reply,