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Our Approach to Myofascial Release

StillPoint Myofascial Release is here to help facilitate your body’s own inherent ability to heal. We offer an advanced form of therapeutic bodywork rooted in Myofascial Release while blending CranioSacral techniques and Therapeutic Massage. All of our therapies are designed to address fascial restrictions which cause pain, limited range of motion or dysfunction. At StillPoint we believe that the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of your being are integral to your healing.  


by Renie Allen

We are Surrounded by Movement,
the need and the desire.

When we are moving,
there is a sense of accomplishment,
a sense of doing,
a sense of moving forward.

When we are unable to move,
there is pain and fear.
We have become stuck.

When there is Stillness,
~Beautiful Stillness~
we are present with Ourselves.
We are open to receiving information and reorganization.
We are open to emotion and feeling.
We are aware of the thin gap between past and future.

Being able to find Stillness within the Movement,
brings fluidity, beauty and rhythm.
It creates a life of limitless potential.

Renie Allen

Owner, LMT, Myofascial Release Therapist

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The StillPoint MFR yurt was built with healing in mind. When you arrive for a one-on-one myofascial therapy session or a Group Therapy class, you're entering into a welcoming space of privacy, expertise and profound healing.

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