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By Renie Allen | Jan 13, 2024

This writing has been percolating since the holidays. All of the scents from home-cooked traditions and the sing-a-long music that paints a black-and-white picture of a distant era kicked up some old-fashioned nostalgia. The fleeting familiarity that has a long-ago sense of home was so present. It was everywhere. It had me pondering, what is nostalgia? Is it an emotion? A memory? A second cousin of deja’vu? The phenomenon of nostalgia rippled through me this holiday season on overdrive. Ironically, the word Nostalgia is quite nostalgic for me. Self-referential, I know. Nostalgia has significance from my childhood. My (*ahem*) well-connected Italian uncle had a sprawling entertainment complex in the heart of South Philadelphia, Palumbo’s. Part of Palumbo’s was a restaurant called Nostalgia. I have faint yet distinct memories of Nostalgia; both as the swanky, old-school, Italian nightclub and the desire to know what nostalgia meant. It’s one of those intangible words, especially as a kid. If you grip too hard to […]

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💔 Maine ❤️‍🩹

By Renie Allen | Oct 29, 2023

I drafted an email this week about my dog who ran away (again). The happy-ending story with threads of healing and growth may see the light of an inbox at some point but for now, it seems tone-deaf… and yet oddly related. Again, is the point. Again and again and again. Patterns. Behaviors that run unchecked. Themes or tendencies that cycle through your world with varying degrees of conscious awareness. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Paying attention to your patterns is easy money while on a path of self-discovery… If you are mindful enough to do so. Movement patterns, postural asymmetries, behavioral tendencies, daily habits, or thought loops hold a well of insight for you to tap into. Not because they need to be deemed good or bad but because they need to be conscious. Otherwise, you’re disconnected from choice. Leaving you at the mercy of your standard reactions. Uncommanded reactions can cascade into life lessons you thought you’d cleared, the frustration […]

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Fascia for Wellness

By Renie Allen | Oct 5, 2023

I’m no stranger to other people’s pain. As a long-time bodyworker, specifically a Myofascial Release Therapist, people have sought me out to help them with some sort of physical ailment or dysfunction… aka, pain. The practice of Myofascial Release (MFR) is most recognized for its transformative pain relief ability. And rightfully so. MFR truly shines to help people heal complex health issues and reclaim a pain-free life. Although fascia and Myofascial Release are quickly gaining recognition, they are not yet household terms. MFR is probably most considered in alternative care practices, such as Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, or Occupational Therapy… for pain relief. Makes sense. Many a Myofascial Release Therapist’s tagline is: Return to a pain-free and active lifestyle. And yet… something in this picture is missing. You don’t need to be in debilitating pain or unable to do your regular activities or even be temporarily sidelined due to injury to benefit from good fascial health. Nor […]

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I’m So Jacked Up

By Renie Allen | Oct 5, 2023

This past Sunday we had a Myofascial Stretch session in the Yurt. An old friend and MFR colleague who I hadn’t seen in quite some time had registered to come. People were beginning to arrive. I saw her pull into the driveway and gave her a big wave. When she came in we exchanged an excitable, How are you!? Her answer was not surprising. It’s how a lot of people show up to the Yurt. “I’m so f’ed up! she says.” I looked at her, nodded, and replied, “Well, come on in.” In that moment, the story didn’t matter. Her body had been holding the brunt of whatever situation was unfolding in her life. And she felt it. Was she in pain? Sure. But she didn’t come to class for the reasons one may take an Advil. Pain relief wasn’t the qualifier, instead, to smooth out the rough edges of feeling jacked up. To minimize the internal chaos that stems from an […]

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I’m OK, everything’s OK…

By Renie Allen | Sep 11, 2023

Have you ever received a message from a friend with a preemptive disclaimer, “I’m ok, everything’s ok, but…” You slightly brace knowing you’re about to get some scoop. What happened? Who’s hurt? What do you need? As a small business owner and the face of StillPoint Myofascial Release, my personal life is never too far from my professional world. I’m a one-woman show from therapist to instructor, to online content creator, to mom and life on the other side of the driveway. In this fickle online world, one thing that dominates is consistency. Whether you’ve noticed or not, I have not been consistent. Consider this my, “I’m OK, everything’s OK” email. While I’m smiling now and everything is OK, this summer felt nothing short of a bluesy country song. Heavy on the twang with some raspy notes of heartache and despair. Sounds very dramatic, I know. In short, my little family of two ol’ dogs and one newly […]

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A pack of dogs, a knee injury, and a video

By Renie Allen | Jun 13, 2023

About 7 years ago I was doing what I do most every day. Taking my two dogs for a walk at the park right up the road. This particular day was different though. It was the first day there were no more scheduled contractors to work on the yurt project that was soon to be my new therapy space. (Side note: watch this 2015 video to see the yurt go up!)​ It was a slow and reflective walk through the woods. I remember this autumn day so well. I was literally watching newly changed leaves fall to the ground and outwardly expressing gratitude to the powers-that-be for this next leg on my Myofascial Release journey. As I was headed back to the car I saw a pack of women and their dogs up ahead. I leashed my one semi-unruly pup for a moment but soon let him free to greet the other […]

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Current Status: HEALING (a personal story)

By Renie Allen | Apr 24, 2023

HEADS UP: This post contains content on the subject of women’s health. If you aren’t into what happens down there, this is your opportunity to bow out. A few weeks ago I hated to even say the word fibroid. It’s got that middle-aged reality associated with it. Where you can picture two maturing women sharing stories, whispering over a cup of decaf about how their pelvis, hormones, and periods have been affected by the benign growths that develop on or inside the uterus. While this has been a mostly private experience up until now, my healing uterus keeps nudging me to share. Ugh, fine. Writing helps me process… hitting send is a different story entirely. As with most things when it comes to dis-ease and healing, there is a long and winding emotional wound that somehow attaches itself to the current affliction. In my case, we’re talking about the pelvis, my uterus specifically, the root chakra, the […]

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a proper introduction

By Renie Allen | Apr 4, 2023

The internet. An elusive place that allows you to: 🤮 Strategically share your good side.🤮 Craft a narrative that brushes over the flaws or hides the wounds.🤮 Cover up the imperfections with whatever hue of rose-colored filters meets the moment. Since life is not an inspirational meme, I much prefer to hear stories of real-life grit, a solid underdog victory, and those pivotal, bold-action moments that change someone’s trajectory. While I don’t feel like my story is a secret, as I’ve shared it plenty over the years with clients, it’s not something I routinely broadcast online. Yet there is a tenacity to healing that inspires hope. We all have a little dark side. Don’t tell me you don’t. And releasing your fascial system can allow you to feel better in your skin and accept the truth of who you are. Whether you’re brand new to fascia or have been around the block, you […]

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This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Conversation

By Renie Allen | Feb 18, 2023

Just last night I cashed in on the Christmas present I had gifted my 18 yo daughter. Tickets to see comedian Jo Koy. Hilarious! I haven’t laughed that hard in far too long! Cry laughing, squeeze-my-cheeks laughing, a bit hungover today from absurd, full-body, hyena laughing. (Hungover with zero booze involved, welcome to 50). One of the reasons I adore Jo Koy is his ability to use the human condition as a way to break through differences and unite the audience through relatability. Last night, he effortlessly educated the 50+ somethings in attendance about sciatica (nerve pain felt in your butt, leg, or back), the IT band (a tight line of dense tissue that runs up the outside of the thigh), and foam rolling. I mean, this shtick couldn’t have been more up my alley! He relives his Doctor’s office woes of learning he has sciatica and receiving his prescription of foam rolling. He then goes on to […]

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