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2022 ~ Onward!

By Renie Allen | Jan 1, 2022

Is today really any different than yesterday? Yep! Because this world is moving FAST. Things are changing on a dime. And nothing is a guarantee. Although a new calendar doesn’t clean up yesterday’s mess, New Year’s Day is worthy of some consideration. Take a moment to check in… with your being. Notice where you are in these first hours of 2022. Before you declare a resolution in hopes of resolving an outdated habit or set an intention for something you’d like to manifest or bring in, take an honest assessment of where you are now. Like, right now. In this moment. What do you notice? Is it quiet? Are you in familiar surroundings? Coffee or tea? Need some water? How is your body? Are you tired? Maybe exhausted. Did you make it till midnight? A little hungover? Are you weary? Maybe you’re numb to it all. Are you hopeful in this new […]

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Mind Your Energy

By Renie Allen | Nov 29, 2021

Fun fact: I am a huge astrology geek. In 2007, I began following an in-depth, weekly astrological forecast. The author of this blog knew things. Not details necessarily, but rather anticipated themes. Her descriptions were broad and curiously accurate. She was able to articulate energy. It was around this time I began to dive deep into Myofascial Release. I had a 2-year-old at home and was transitioning my massage practice into a full-time MFR practice. My marriage was getting a little shaky. And I could tell things were changing. I was changing. For the first time in my life, I was consumed by energy. I was hungry for things I couldn’t see or touch or even necessarily understand. I was mesmerized by what wasn’t. Which, as a double Capricorn with a Taurus Moon (translation: I am VERY Earthbound, preferably quite grounded, with an appreciation for practicality and structure) I was in foreign territory. […]

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Family Dynamics and Fascial Restrictions

By Renie Allen | Oct 26, 2021

I recently went home for a funeral. Home, to me, can either mean where I currently live in Maine or where I grew up, outside of Philadelphia. In this instance, I left my daughter at home in Maine so I could be with my family back home in Philadelphia. I left home to go to college way back when and have never landed back home in Suburban Philadelphia for any period of time since. Like so many people I have worked with over the years, home and family dynamics are ripe with early wounds, relational patterns, and opportunities to better handle your reactions when you get triggered. It’s kind of like you think you’ve worked on your issues and grown personally from who you once were. You’ve self-helped your way into a more evolved version of yourself… until you surround yourself with that oh-so-special family dynamic that in a moment cancels every therapy session you’ve ever had! Ha, tell me I’m not alone here, please! This […]

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A Yurt, A Birthday, and Stick-to-itivness

By Renie Allen | Oct 1, 2021

Have you ever manifested any of your big dreams into reality? Where you can look back to the days of pre-dream-turned-reality and remember the determination, consideration of logistics, sifting through the data you’ve collected, wishing, praying, looking for signs, and sush’ing doubt as you push on any door that can presumably get you closer to living your dream? I’m pretty sure a fair amount of my gray hair has accumulated during times of intense manifestation. Something about the grit it takes to emerge into a new phase of life also takes a bit of a toll. Side note: A little throwback story. I was school-aged, probably middle school-ish. We had been given an assignment where we had to have someone write positive qualities about us. My mom wrote, stick-to-itivness. Stick-to-itivness? WhatTH does that mean? So she explained I had an ability to see things through. Get it done. Not quit. Ah-ha. 6 years […]

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Chaos Leads to Higher Order

By Renie Allen | Sep 6, 2021

Labor Day Weekend, in a world gone mad… or so it seems. Today, for me, is a respite from the mayhem. It’s a chance to catch my breath and move through the day at a slow and steady pace. Sitting on the front porch on a quintessential summer Saturday afternoon in Maine. It’s quiet. Thank God. World serves its own needs, listen to your heart bleedTell me with the Rapture and the reverent in the right? Right!It’s the end of the world as we know itIt’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine~R.E.M Any chance this song has drifted through your mind lately? That song was the text I received from one of my friends outside of Philly on the night Ida rolled through the North East. I’m pretty sure the World is off its axis and there ain’t no going back. Not to be […]

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Torn, detached, and a new perspective

By Renie Allen | Aug 18, 2021

Have you ever had needles stuck in your eye? Me neither, until a month or so ago. Sadly, there is no heroic or adventurous reason why this had to happen. They say I’m at the right age. Sigh. The short version of this story is I woke up one late-June, Sunday morning and my vision was super wonky. I was seeing a combination of a very unusual light show and countless black specs. It was as though I was looking through a three-dimensional pattern of black pepper. There was no pain, just significant visual disturbance. And since I rarely run to the doctor, I self-assessed as I waited a couple of days till my good friend (who was in from out of town) pretty much insisted that I go. Although Google led me to believe this was kiiiiind of an emergent situation, I was in a bit of denial. After the standard dilation, images, […]

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Brain power + flow = smooth(ish) transition

By Renie Allen | Jun 25, 2021

Let me ask you… are you better off sorting through logistics or going with the flow? Us humans can be hardwired in such a way that gives a strong bias towards one or the other. Because flow and logistics can act as such different forces to work with, most have a preference. Logistics. That hard boundary of black and white planning, most often around clocks and calendars. For some, that may feel like a satisfying and simple structure. Like a, ‘just tell me when to be there, and I’ll be there’ kind of operating system. Flow. I mean, when you are grooving down the river on a hot, summer day in a raft, meandering as the gentle forces carry you along, there’s nothing better. And wouldn’t life be grand if we could just go with the flow in a seemingly clear direction? One time management system is a man-made structure. The other is […]

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The Yurt Doors Are Open

By Renie Allen | May 29, 2021

Transition. In my household transition is a recognized phenomenon. Having raised a kid that goes between two homes with two very different parenting styles, transition is something that has been named and accepted as a way to honor the process of shifting gears. Transitioning is like a whole mood. There can be a range of emotions expressed in the lead up of transition- like an anticipatory anxiety and a form of distancing or separation. And on the back end of the transition, there can be an attitude swing or a necessary period to re-acclimate. In my home, the words, ‘I’m transitioning’, means I’m here, but I’m still adjusting to the contrast of what was in the very recent past. In other words, transition is real! And aren’t we (collectively) in it thick!? I knew it when it startedFelt the shift right as it partedSo my feet cried down below meSaw the whole room move around meSaw my […]

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By Renie Allen | Apr 15, 2021

I was listening to a podcast the other day. Business related stuff. This guy was telling his story as a 20-something who dramatically and quickly changed his career from a corporate gig to a successful copywriting entrepreneur. Although it was inspiring (those entrepreneurial wins land well in my mind) that wasn’t what grabbed my attention the most. The backstory started in the office of his seemingly cush corporate gig. He was landing high-end deals, climbing the ranks and making bank at a pretty young age. He played the game well and had quick success right out of the gate. But he was working for the man and his world –his inner world– was telling him he was cut out for something different. He recounted the story in such a way that made it easy to tell his body was trying to get his attention. He went on to say he wanted to bang his […]

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