Release Your Hips to unlock yourself from the inside out

un-restricted hips is the freedom you've been looking for :

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Your hips hold onto everything.


In my 1:1 practice, I've had people come to me to help with tension in every part of the body, but the hips - oh boy - they hold tension, emotional hurt, tightness, everything. The hips and pelvis are the foundation of the body. As the saying goes, as above, so below. The hips sit between important muscles of your low back and legs which makes it seem like you can feel your hip tension, well, everywhere.

The good news is, practicing Myofascial Self-Care on your hips can change how you hold and process stress, emotions, and that ever-present tension so that you're moving free and easy.


Introducing Myofascial Self-Care: Hip Series

Myo, what?

Fascia. Simply stated, your connective tissue could be causing you pain, stiffness, tension, symptoms, mental angst, trouble sleeping, pelvic issues, excess fatigue, and more. And your hips' fascia is no exception.

If you ever feel like your hips are…

  • Excessively tight. Giving you a hitch in your giddy'up.
  • Not allowing you to walk or move with ease.
  • Holding onto pressure, emotions, or tension (you KNOW this is you if you ever get emotional after pigeon pose!)
  • Affecting your low back, legs, and/or pelvis.

Unlocking your hips literally allows you to move differently through the world.

Pain, tension, sensitivity… Fascia, in its restricted state, causes symptoms. Which can lead you to feel off-kilter or on high alert. Over-stimulated yet under-motivated. Your hips can hold your entire person prisoner if pain or stiffness keeps you locked up and unable to move with ease.

But when you're re able to understand what fascial restrictions feel like in your body,  and effectively release these restrictions, fascia then becomes the key to:

  • inner freedom - by releasing you from the confines from within
  • changing your relationship with stress and pain
  • more space to move - both internally and externally
  • a calmer mind and more mental bandwidth
  • increased energy
  • being in balance and in control of how you feel in your body.

Go beyond whole body treatment to focus specifically on releasing the tension in your hips with proven techniques that you can use on yourself.

Hi, I'm Renie - 

I've been touching aching bodies for over 20 years. That’s a lot of pain to ease!

In this modern world, it is more and more apparent that the body has current-day demands. The physical body will not settle for outdated therapy. It is ready to be unlocked in order to heal and evolve.

I teach people about the importance of their own fascial health in order to free the body, remove blocks, and clear restrictions from the inside out. So pain and physical limitation doesn't cloud their everyday life. 

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The Hip Series course includes:

  • 7 Easy-to-Follow Video Tutorials: First learn the how-to and what-to-fascially-feel-for in 6 technique tutorial videos. Then tie it all together with a flowing sequence for an effective, in-depth hip exploration.
  • Where It Matters Mosts: The hips and pelvis are the foundation of the body. When you're stuck there, you're stuck everywhere! Release hip pain and tension and you'll realize how a free moving pelvis affects you from head to toe!
  • Lose the Hitch, Move with Ease: Tight and painful hips gets hung up and twisted. Use a foam roller and balls to engage the fascial system to free yourself from sluggish movements and rigidity that makes you feel older than you should!
  • Not Your Average Stretching Routine: This self-paced video series with guided instruction takes the bore out of traditional stretching and elevates it to meet the body's demands of this modern world.

Why it matters:

  • Fascial Focused Foundation: You will be learning to release the hips through the lens of Myofascial Release. Because the FASCIAL SYSTEM is the key to reducing pain, easing tension, moving with ease, and breaking though limited beliefs that can be held in the tissues..
  • As Above, So Below: These techniques are all focused on the foundation of the body - the hips and pelvis. A balanced and free moving pelvis leads to alignment you'll notice from your neck to your feet!
  • Build Confidence with Ease: Learning Myofascial self-care techniques comes from being able to feel the effects in your body. Working with pain and restriction therapeutically leads to lasting results!
  • Release Your Hips, Learn Your Fascial Language: Myofascial Self-Care is a practice that reaches far beyond reducing hip pain. Knowing how your fascial system communicates is an essential tool so you can lean on your body's wisdom as you journey through this modern world.

What's been said:

Myofascial HIPS Video Series


  • Un-restricted HIPS is the freedom you've been searching for!